Friday, February 28, 2014


Here is just one of the many examples things we can create with spheres (and gradients!).

Friday, January 31, 2014


What kind of emotion is expressed through the color scheme?
Doesn't the stark contrast between the black and salmon
give a strong impression and feeling?

Colors can be used to represent so many things!

This picture was taken at sunset during fall, one of the best
times of the year for vivid colors.
Certain color schemes appeal to the eye (harmonious colors) and others disturb the balance (having blue and orange, red and green, purple and yellow...etc.).

Some people prefer painting or taking pictures during a sunset or sunrise because of the beautiful colors.  A good majority of pictures of the Grand Canyon were taken during sunrise or sunset, when colors were the most vivid.
Only having the green colored gives a new
meaning to this image.

Color can completely alter the message in a picture or support it, and it is important to learn to use this tool well to give interesting images.

How does the bright and perky pink flower make you feel?

They can add mood to a picture or pull your attention to a certain place on a picture and not another.

Monday, November 11, 2013

A More Modern Look at the Thinker

I had no idea what to draw, and I guess it comes out in the drawing too.  The kid looks just as confused and thoughtful.   I did try to draw the face, but it only ended up spoiling the overall effect, even if the face is usually the most important part of a picture most of the time.  However, omitting the face can help teach how body language alone can send a message.  Ever heard of the expression, "Someone can say something, but their body language can mean the opposite?"  This is a very important part of learning how to understand humans and how to draw them.

Something I particularly like to try is drawing hands in all sorts of positions, even if most of the time, they end up as a complete failure!  : )  However, I keep trying and sometimes, it really is worth it, since sometimes, my own hand surprises me with its capabilities.

When I originally started drawing this picture, I had no intent of placing a rock there.  Yet, as it progressed, the need for a very conveniently placed rock arose.  So I ended up drawing it.  : )

Saturday, November 9, 2013


. . .

I have no idea what I was thinking while doing this.  I just let the pen tool guide me. . .

What do you think??? :)

(By the way, the green thing is supposed to be a paint brush.) :)

Playing with Light

Light can completely change the look of your pictures.  Learning to use it to your advantage is a valuable and powerfultool.  Light can be used for many different effects, such as silhouettes, high contrast, to tell the eye where to look, or even to show symbolism.

The picture on the right shows the silhouette of a dog.  This picture uses high contrast with the reflection of light on the floor and the darkness of the dog.  The long shadow also makes the picture more interesting.

Symbolically speaking light can represent many things.  The most common is hope.  Therefore, by using high contrast and light, you can add an abstract thought into your pictures, making them even more meaningful.  

Light can also represent the magic of life.  Without life, nothing would be able to thrive and live.  Light has shone down upon us since the beginning, and I mean the beginning.  So in a way, a place without light is a place without life.  

The picture on the left could either be a sunrise, or a sunset, and symbolically speaking, they both mean completely different things.  Can you tell whether this is a sunrise or a sunset???

The two following pictures were taken at slightly different angles, creating a completely different effect.  The top one shows the power of the sun in its full grandeur.  The rays of light reach far and wide with a mix of magenta and white/yellow streams of light. Being in the center and top of the picture, the effect of power is portrayed in this photo. I put this picture as my desktop background and for the first few days, simply looking at the picture was blinding!

The second photo, taken at a slightly lower angle, depicts a very different effect.  This time, the light goes more to show the magic of life in a plant.  It seems like light has managed to escape the bulb and is bringing life to all of the plants around.  What also is interesting is that the "container" of the light is really dark, in contrast to the inside, which is full of bright light.  This effect could mirror humans in a way.  On the outside, they look dull, but each person has their very own light inside of them.

 Finally, this picture uses soft focus to bring attention to the leaves and what is interesting is that only half of the leaves are in the light, and the other half hides in the shadows.  The tips of the leaves appear to be dipped in bronze.  If you think about it, the leaves can look like paint brushes.  Very high contrast occurs on the uppermost right leaf.  It itself is nearly white, almost glowing, and the tip of the leaf and its background are really dark in comparison.  High contrast usually brings something more to your pictures, making them way more interesting to look at.

Monday, July 22, 2013

What Could Be Hiding Inside That Hat???

I don't know about you, but this man looks real grouchy, but the hat seems full of power...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Starry Night

There is a little kid looking up at the fantastic sky that night and at all the shooting stars.